Annual Bulletin

Every year since 1984 Minchinhampton Local History Group has published an Annual Bulletin, containing articles of local interest. Many of these have been written by members; some have been collected together in four volumes entitled “Life and Times”. Click on the highlighted links below  to view the pdf versions of each Bulletin.

Bulletin 1 (1984)
This issue contains articles on Butt Street, first Parish Council, Hampton Car, the Salutation Inn and Aston Down Airfield

Bulletin 2 (1985)
This issue contains articles on a revolt against the rates, the 1851 Census, education in Minchinhampton and the Churchyard Survey

Bulletin 3 (1986)
This issue was devoted to a history of Minchinhampton Fire Service spanning the period 1755 to 1931

Bulletin 4 (1987)
This issue contains articles on Horsley Prison, the fear of invasion in 1942, roads from Nailsworth and ‘Hampton Baptist Church

Bulletin 5 (1988)
This issue was devoted to the Manor of Minchinhampton in the 12th and 13th Centuries

Bulletin 6 (1989)
This issue contains articles on the Kearseys and the windmill and a Minister’s Account for the Manor of ‘Hampton

Bulletin 7 (1990)
This featured articles which were all related to Education in Minchinhampton

Bulletin 8 (1991)
This issue contains articles on Stonehouse and Nailsworth Railway, Victorian and Edwardian Minchinhampton, the Glebe Estate and “Minchinhampton Past and Present” Exhibition

Bulletin 9 (1992)
A detailed study of the Manor of Minchinhampton in the early 17th Century filled this issue

Bulletin 10 (1993)
This issue contains “Let there be Light”, Grandma and the Family Tree and Dr. James Bradley

Bulletin 11 (1994)
This issue contains articles on Cricket Club at the turn of the century, Minchinhampton Girls Training Corps and Deluge! the Nailsworth Cloudburst

Bulletin 12 (1995)
This issue contains articles from the exhibition “When Grandad was a Boy” including Minchinhampton in the 1930s, RAF Aston Down in Wartime, the Home Front, Wartime Visitors to Minchinhampton and Victory.

Bulletin 13 (1996)
This issue contains articles on One Man’s War, Minchinhampton at War 1914 – 1918, Crickley Hill and the 1851 Census Return

Bulletin 14 (1997)
An issue related to education with articles on Bowstead Awards, Boyhood Memories, the Old School and Full Circle in Thirty Years

Bulletin 15 (1998)
This issue contains articles on Minchinhampton and the Trollopes, the Diamond Jubilee Clock, features of Minchinhampton Common and Walls Quarry, Brimscombe

Bulletin 16 (1999)
This issue contains articles on the Persecution of Quakers, Richard Monk, John Croome, Brimscombe and changing Garden Design

Bulletin 17 (2000)
This issue contains articles on the Sheppard Family History, Minchinhampton Baptist Church, the Cloth Trade and Railways at Brimscombe

Bulletin 18 (2001)
Articles on Football in Minchinhampton, a Christmas Journey and the Nailsworth Ladder are contained in this issue

Bulletin 19 (2002)
This issue contains articles on Minchinhampton Parish Council, a Grave Undertaking, the Boer War, a Living Faith, Cotswold Tiles and Thomas Tanner – an essay on the Gloucestershire dialect

Bulletin 20 (2003)
The main articles in this issue are about Minchinhampton Common in the 18th and 19th Centuries and Tetbury Street in the 1880s but there is also a mystery photograph, an extract from an old newspaper and a letter from Palestine

Bulletin 21 (2004)
This issue contains articles on Victorian Gardens in Gloucestershire, a mediaeval Christmas in Minchinhampton, 1846 Typhoid Outbreak, life as an RAF ferry Pilot at Aston Down and the Trap House

Bulletin 22 (2005)
This issue contains articles on old prescriptions, apothecaries in C18th, a Canadian scandal, Minchinhampton workhouse, press bias in the early C20th, Minchinhampton Common and Box.

Bulletin 23 (2006)
This issue contains articles on Minchinhampton water supplies and drainage, the Aerodrome, ghosts, place-names, stone tiles, old Gloucestershire recipes and the bells of Holy Trinity

Bulletin 24 (2007)
This issue contains articles on C20th gardens, the organ in the Parish Church, vanishing weights and measures, the demise of the windmill, Bob Petersen and the early history of Scouting in Minchinhampton

Bulletin 25 (2008)
This issue contains articles on life in Box, the story of the Jones family, Johnny Vosper and Minchinhampton inquests

Bulletin 26 (2009)
This issue contains articles on Minchinhampton War Graves of World War II, visiting historic sites, extracts from the Gloucester Journal, Minchinhampton inquests and items from the parish magazine of 1909 featuring the lych gate, dedication of a window and Minchinhampton Schools

Bulletin 27 (2010)
This issue contains articles on how death was handled in the 1930s, Avening Women’s Institute, Gloucestershire births, marriages and deaths, Minchinhampton and the Hawkes Bay earthquake, excursions in 1885 and 1910 and General Montgomery’s desert rats

Bulletin 28 (2011)
This issue contains articles on the Land Survey of 1909 (Lloyd George Act), Brian Keen, a Gatcombe marriage and famine in Minchinhampton in 1597

Bulletin 29 (2012)
This issue contains articles on Amberley, canteen meals in post war Britain, Burleigh Court, Mr. Henry Denne, Woolaway houses, White Lion House and the vaccination of the Prince of Wales

Bulletin 30 (2013)
This issue contained many shorter articles – a real bus service, a reappraisal of the gun on the Great Park, the Hunt family and their move to Lancefield in Australia, Charles Mason, and Longfords Mill in the 1950s.

Bulletin 31 (2014)
Here you can discover about the Salutation Inn and Freemasonry, Minchinhampton’s champion archers (the Legh Family), a double tragedy of he Great War and two stories of links with Australia and the US (Ludlow Family)

Bulletin 32 (2015)
This year there were articles on the town’s link to an early Australian, slave ownership and the North Africa Campaign of WWII.  Also included were memories of a childhood in the sixties and the history of an unusual malthouse

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